The most intelligent way to create, manage and distribute branding guidelines.

All your branding assets, always up-to-date, always online, all in one place. Cloudlines is the home for all your brand strategy, tone of voice, logos, colours, typefaces and downloadable assets. Accessible from any device, anywhere.

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Why use Cloudlines & not a PDF?

8 out of 10 designers prefer online guidelines. Why? PDF guidelines are dead the moment they are published. They need continual updates, leading to multiple versions that are a nightmare to manage. Cloudlines work for designers and brand owners as they're designed to adapt and flex as the brand evolves.

  • Not a shared brand folder. A shared brand agenda.

    Unlike other online guidelines, Cloudlines are not an 'asset manager'. They auto guide and inspire anyone working with your brand. From writers, to photographers to designers and ad agencies.

  • Simple, but not simplistic.

    PDF guidelines at best are rich in information but clumsy, dull and rarely followed. Cloudlines let you organise your guidelines into a neat narrative that’s displayed as an easy-to-use interface.

  • Always on. Always up-to-date. Always learning.

    As soon as content is added or updated, it’s instantly available everywhere. You’ll never have to send out new guidelines again (or ask people to delete their old PDFs). With BrandAnalytics, you'll see who's using what, when and how often so you can adapt.

  • Searchable & Instantly Organised.

    Instead of navigating a complex 100-page PDF, Cloudlines takes you straight to what you need. Users are not linked to a random folder on a server that rapidly becomes a mess. It’s a simple way to navigate many assets.

Create and organise your content with ease

Cloudlines is intuitive and really easy-to-use. You can add or update assets, pages and sections as your brand grows. You won’t need a web developer to do so, it’s as easy as writing an email.

Time-saving and effective

You can add or update assets and pages as your brand grows. You won’t need a web developer to do so; it’s as easy as writing an email.

Quick and easy setup

Unlike slow and cumbersome PDF guidelines; your brand’s Cloudlines can be set-up and live in a few minutes.

Manage your users

Cloudlines simplifies user management; people can be set as Managers or Viewers. You’re in control.

Password protected

Everything is password protected. Cloudlines know who has access to what, automatically. You don’t have to worry.

Always online

Cloudlines uses Amazon Web Services; this guarantees >99% uptime globally—day or night.

Real-time analytics

Managers can check who’s logged in recently and monitor pages and downloads that are most popular.

Available on any device

Cloudlines is fully responsive. It works on any modern device; mobile, tablet and desktop from anywhere in the world.

Features bespoke to your needs

Cloudlines is updated regularly. However, if you’d like to discuss specific features that your brand needs; we can build features just for you.

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How does it compare?

Cloudlines is a proven approach to brand management. It’s already being used by brands big and small to better manage their organisations, products and services.

Features Cloudlines Digital Asset Manager PDF / Printed Guidelines
Always current and up-to-date check_circle check_circle clear
Secure user access and management check_circle check_circle clear
Descriptions and context alongside each part of the identity check_circle clear check_circle
Access from anywhere and from any device check_circle clear clear
Secure, shareable links direct to the content check_circle check_circle clear
Edit content quickly and easily check_circle clear clear
Monitor popular content and user activity check_circle clear clear
Upgradeable to fit your needs check_circle clear clear

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